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Several of the co-founders of “Fill the Steins” gathered this weekend to celebrate the last days of summer and to kick back a few pints and chat about the old days. In between the kicking back and the pints, we had a chance to discuss all of our planning for Homecoming 2012 and wanted to provide a update on our site for the millions of loyal FTS followers out there.

Lodging again appears to be a last minute decision for most people, but even though you may have missed out on the super low rates by booking your rooms in say February, there are still plenty of good deals out there if you know where to look.

The Hilton Garden Inn down the road in Bangor will again server as the official hotel of “Fill the Steins”. What does that mean for you? Well last year they kept the fantastic in-house bar open for us until an undisclosed wee-hour in the morning. They also had a welcome sign for us at the entrance and were great to work with last year. So we have decided to go with the Hilton again this year and here are the latest rates I could find. Double Queen rooms for $144 per night via Kayak and King rooms for $151 per night via Kayak.

The other news is that the brand new Hampton Inn has just opened across the street from the Hilton and they offer options as well with Double Queen rooms for $143 per night via Hilton (Advance Purchase) and King rooms for $152 per night via Hilton (Advance Purchase).

There has also been some questions about group t-shirts and stuff for the kids. Last year we made a “Class of 2032” shirt for all the one-year-olds in the group and this year we plan to do the same. All of our current adult shirts are up in our store at the link here. We continue to keep an eye out for coupon codes and hope to have a discount sale in the next two weeks if Cafe Press allows for it. Also, we will post a notice on Facebook and Twitter when our kids designs are up in the store.

Lastly, the life-sized cardboard cut out of “Fill The Steins” co-founder Keith Luhmann has arrived and being stored in a safe location. Mr. Luhmann will be missing his first Homecoming in over twelve years this fall and he has been forced to send a suitable replacement. Make sure to plan on stopping by any of our events Homecoming weekend and get you picture taken with Keith’s likeness.

We’ll be putting out more posts about Homecoming on here in the next few weeks, so stay tuned and as always, “Fill The Steins”!

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