A Countdown to Homecoming: 20 Ways to Fill The Steins

Everyone’s got their list of what makes UMaine great, right?  (Maybe not UNH fans, but that’s a different blog post, isn’t it?)  
Well, your faithful servant Bananas has been putting his money where his mouth is…  Starting on October 1, he’s tweeting a daily excuse to Fill The Steins to Dear Old Maine – a countdown to Homecoming on October 20, where we’ll get together to toast the College of Our Hearts Always!  (Look for the big ol’ FTS banner in the tailgating lot for good times and perhaps even a giveaway if you can sing The Stein Song or have your picture taken with Cardboard Luhmann!)  So, without further ado – to be updated daily – here are…

20 Reasons to #FillTheSteins:

The No. 1 (October 20th) reason to#FillTheSteins: The College of Our Hearts always, and all of FTS nation! Thanks to everyone who braved the rain today!!!

No. 2 (October 19th) Almost to the top of the list! No. 2 of the #20ReasonsToFillTheSteins: #UMaine #Homecoming starts today! #FillTheSteins to dear old Maine!!!

No. 3 (October 18th) reason to #FillTheSteins: UMaine = #29 on Top 50 #hockey towns in North America list. #20ReasonsToFillTheSteins (List)

No. 4 (October 17th) reason to #FillTheSteins: COME ON DOWN! @PriceIsRight is at #UMaine’s Collins Center TONIGHT! #20ReasonsToFillTheSteins #Winner

Editor’s Note…  The Price is Right was cancelled about 15 minutes before curtain on October 17th.  Here’s our tweet in response to that disappointment:

So, our # 4 reason to #FillTheSteins didn’t happen last nite – no @PriceIsRight at UMaine? I guess the Price is Wrong:

No. 5 (October 16th) Top 5 of the #20ReasonsToFillTheSteins! For the smaht kids: #FillTheSteins to #UMaine engineers! ENG job fair tomorrow:

No. 6 (October 15th) of the #20ReasonsToFillTheSteins: 22 days til #ElectionDay2012! #FillTheSteins to democracy – find out where to vote: http://umaine.edu/studentaffairs/uvote/

No. 7 (October 14th) on our #20ReasonsToFillTheSteins #Homecoming countdown: that “other” football: #UMaine soccer hosts UNH today! #BeatUNH #FillTheSteins

No. 8 (October 13th) on the #Homecoming countdown: #FillTheSteins to @BlackBearsFB @ Towson today! Shout til the rafters ring!!! #20ReasonsToFillTheSteins

No. 9 (October 12th) #FillTheSteins to @UMaineIceHockey, who are at the Ice Breaker Tourney in Kansas City to beat Notre Dame, Army, & Nebraska/Omaha #20ReasonsToFillTheSteins

No. 10 (October 11th) on our #Homecoming countdown, we #FillTheSteins to our pals in the pool! Swimming/diving schedules are here: Schedules
No. 11 (October 10th) on our #20ReasonsToFillTheSteins: We #FillTheSteins to the b-day of Ben Vereen, who was *just* at #UMaine’s Collins Center #Broadway
No. 12 (October 9th) on the #20ReasonsToFillTheSteins countdown to #Homecoming: A personal favorite part of campus, The #UMaine Mall
No. 13 (October 8th) on our #20ReasonsToFillTheSteins megalist: #UMaine’s student athletes, like today’s Field Hockey winners! We #FillTheSteins to you!
No. 14 (October 7th) on the #Homecoming countdown: #FillTheSteins to #UMaine W Soccer (won 3-1) & M Hockey (leading 2-1) today! #20ReasonsToFillTheSteins (Editor’s note: Men’s Hockey came to a 2-2 OT tie – but we Fill The Steins to Dear Old Maine, win, lose, or draw!)
No. 15 (October 6th) on the #Homecoming countdown: #FillTheSteins to @BlackBearsFB in Delaware today! Pluck the Hens! #20ReasonsToFillTheSteins
No. 16 (October 5th) in our #20ReasonsToFillTheSteins countdown to #UMaine #Homecoming: #FillTheSteins to Fall Break! See you next week, Black Bears!
No. 17 (October 4th) #FillTheSteins to @UMCase – get involved and get to know your fellow #UMaine #BlackBears! http://umaine.edu/case/ #20ReasonsToFillTheSteins
No. 18 (October 3rd) #FillTheSteins to The Bear’s Den, new and old.  A mainstay of #UMaine campus life. See our ‘Memories’ of the O.G. Bear’s Den. #20ReasonsToFillTheSteins
No. 19 (October 2nd) #FillTheSteins to buying early and often: @MaineIceHockey tixx on sale now. 581-BEAR or www.GoBlackBears.com #20ReasonsToFillTheSteins
No. 20 (October 1st) Today, we #FillTheSteins to @TheMaineCampus: the future of Maine Hockey Freshmen #20ReasonsToFillTheSteins
Prelude From today until #UMaine #Homecoming, we’re listing a reason each day to #FillTheSteins #20ReasonsToFillTheSteins Stay tuned…  
Please Tweet/Facebook/Comment with your own Reasons to Fill The Steins, and find us at Homecoming!  Cheers!

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