Will the real Keith Luhmann please stand up?

Official Fill the Steins Tailgate
(Courtesy of the UMaine Alumni Association)
If you were lucky enough to stumble across the “Fill the Steins” crew during Homecoming 2012 last weekend you may have been wondering who was the flat guy who seemed to be everywhere around Orono?

One of the co-founders of FTS, Mr. Keith Luhmann, couldn’t make it to Homecoming this year due to a wedding in New Orleans. While we first suggested asking the bride and groom to change their wedding date to not conflict with Homecoming we quickly realized something had to be done.

The executive committee of FTS gathered one weekend in August to determine a solution to the problem. After several steins were filled and emptied and filled again we came to a simple conclusion, Mr. Luhmann would need to send a life-sized cut-out in his place to Homecoming.

We didn’t stipulate any particular picture be used, but in true FTS fashion Mr. Luhmann chose to pose on the seat of choice for any true tailgater, a 30-rack of Miller Lite. 

The cut-out arrived with much fanfare however it wasn’t officially revealed to the millions and millions of FTS followers until Homecoming Weekend. Several of you stopped by our tailgating tent to have your picture taken with “Cardboard Luhmann” and many other’s took to Twitter to share their comments.

“I didn’t think it was possible to be creepier than @Luhmski (Keith Luhmann), but Cardboard @Luhmski has managed… #FillTheSteins” – @BMacMe

While the first hour with stand-in Luhmann went well, the epic rains and flooding of Saturday highlighted one major difference between the real Luhmann and the cut-out. You see, the real Luhmann was a bit more water-resistant than the cardboard version. Even with the protection of several tents, the combination of wind, rain, and people just wanting to abuse Cardboard Luhmann led to a bit of damage. But much like the real version, the cut-out stood tall through it all and even managed to meet some ladies and pick up some beads for his efforts.

Cardboard Luhmann with B.Mac and MattyG
in the basement at Pat’s Pizza
After tailgating our tall, flat friend made his way over to the basement of Pat’s Pizza to warm up with some Zingers and a ‘roni ‘zza along with a couple more pints. The place was packed, luckily Cardboard Luhmann folded neatly for easy storage when he wasn’t in use.

Although he was battered and abused from the day Cardboard Luhmann made it back to Bangor for the night where he popped in the hotel bar one last time before calling it a night and heading back to his room to sleep under the bed.

Hopefully the real Keith Luhmann is able to join us for Homecoming 2013, if not, we know we have a more than reasonable stand-in with the cardboard version.

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