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University of Maine students, alumni & supporters:
We are proud to announce that, starting Monday August 12, 2013, Fill the Steins will become your one-stop source for everything that’s great about the University of Maine. Beginning on that date, we will be expanding our content beyond Homecoming weekend activities to give our readers a comprehensive look at all things related to the proud past, strong present, and bright future of the University of Maine.
In an effort to provide as many different perspectives as possible, we are proud to have enlisted five permanent contributors to Fill the Steins:
Matt Grondin (Class of 2001) — Arts & Popular Culture — Matt will bring you profiles and Q&As; of UMaine alumni that are leaving their mark on society across all walks of life.
Adam Henckler (Class of 2001) — Community Contributor — Adam will scour the Orono area and will document the lives and stories of the campus most interesting people and activities that would otherwise slip through the cracks of modern media coverage.
Jon Jenkins (Class of 2001) — UMaine History — Jon will take a look at some of the lost history of UMaine as well as provide a unique look at prominent events and alumni from the school’s storied past.
Keith Luhmann (Class of 2001) — Lifestyle — Keith will share his life experiences as a UMaine graduate who moved to the big city in order to help future alumni avoid making the same mistakes he did.
Brian MacLeod (Class of 2001) — Sports & Leisure — Brian will cover Black Bear sports from a sports fan’s perspective, providing features, profiles, and opinions on the most interesting happenings in the world of UMaine athletics.
Over the course of the next six weeks, we’ll provide you with more detailed introductions to each of our contributors so you can learn more about what to expect from them and, in turn, from the website as a whole when we re-launch on August 12.
On behalf of the entire Fill the Steins team, we could not be more excited about this undertaking, this re-launch, and the future of the website. We can’t wait until August 12 so we can begin truly celebrating the college of our hearts always!!!
-The Fill the Steins Team
Fill the Steins is in no way affiliated with the University of Maine. Any opinions and viewpoints expressed on this website are those of “Fill the Steins” and its contributors. The content of our posts in no way represents the viewpoint of the University of Maine, the UMaine Alumni Association, or any other school-sponsored entity.

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