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For the last six weeks, we’ve been promising new, improved, and enhanced content from Fill the Steins.  We’ve promised Q&As; with notable UMaine alumni that are unlike any interviews you’ll see anywhere else.  We’ve promised a unique take on the storied and vibrant history of UMaine.  We’ve promised social contributions in the form of missed connections, lifestyle tips, and more for UMaine students, alumni, and supporters.  We’ve promised a fan’s perspective on the goings on in the UMaine athletic department. Today, we begin delivering on our promises.

We want to be your source for fun, off-beat, and, yes, sometimes irreverent content celebrating “the college of our hearts always”.  We want you to tell your friends, your fellow students & alumni, and fellow UMaine supporters that we’re here.  We want you to enjoy the time you spend at Fill the Steins and, most importantly, we want your feedback.  Please comment on our posts — tell us what you like, what you hate, and who among us you find to be the most handsome.  We’re proud of our site and of the content we’ll be bringing you, and the only way we’ll get better is if you tell us what you want.  We’re committed to living up to the high standards of the University of Maine and your input is a key part of that.  So please comment, interact and, most of all, have fun…that’s why we’re here.

In closing, as we begin our re-launch, we ask you all to “stand and drink a toast, once again” to the University of Maine and to the new and improved Fill the Steins!!!

-The Fill the Steins team

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