The Quick & Dirty: Patriot Place

Over the course of my 34 years, I’ve been accused of being both quick and dirty, occasionally at the same time.  While these characterizations are not always complimentary , it is my vow to Fill The Steins Nation to make our periodic Quick & Dirty feature a positive experience for our readership.

Today, we debut the Quick & Dirty with a look at Patriot Place, the multifaceted, CityPlace-style complex surrounding Gillette Stadium, which is where the University of Maine football team takes on UMass this Saturday at 2pm ET.  For those of you loyal Black Bear football supporters heading down to Foxboro for this weekend’s college clash, Fill The Steins is pleased to provide you with a Quick & Dirty, one-stop shop for all the other cool stuff to take in before, during, and after the big game.

In case you’re making your trip to Foxboro a long weekend (and who doesn’t want a three-day work week on the heels of Labor Day?), there are all sorts of different activities to take in at Patriot Place on the eve of the Maine football game.  Highlights include:

  • Family Fun Night Bounce Houses – If you’re making your Foxboro excursion a family affair, what better way to tucker the kiddies out before bedtime than with a little bounce house fun?!  The bounce houses are open from 5:00-7:00 on Friday evening and will be sure to guarantee you parents out there that your kids’ll have a good night’s sleep before game day.
  • Outdoor Movie (“Night at the Museum”) – Okay, I must confess that I find nothing funny about Ben Stiller (other than his Frank Costanza-playing father, Jerry).  But if ol’ Zoolander’s your bag, then catch a showing of “Night at the Museum” under the stars at 7:30.  The FREE admission is just above the price I’d be willing to pay to see this flick, unless I could fill my stein with a whole lotta bourbon.  But, hey, to each their own.
  • The Stephanie Hansen Band at “Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill” – Hey, Uncle Sam, put her name at the top of your list!  We here at Fill The Steins know how much Black Bear Nation loves country music, and while we have no idea who Stephanie Hansen is, she’s wearing a cowboy (cowgirl?) hat in her promo photo, so she must be the real deal.  She hits the stage at 9:30, courtesy of the M-A-I-N-E…goooo BLUE!!!

The big day.  The centerpiece of your trip.  Gameday.  Where else would you be other than Gillette Stadium?  But, fear not, there’s more than just the game to enjoy on gameday.

  • Pregame Tailgate – Because we live in America, football gameday means one thing…tailgating!  But beware, the unprepared tailgater could get left out in the cold, sober air of the Gillette parking lot.  To ensure you’re able to fill your steins to their fullest, be sure to park in either the North or South General Parking Lots.  Stein-filling begins 3 hours before kickoff, so plan accordingly and be lined up to enter the lot at 11:00 sharp!  Full parking map available at
  • UMaine vs. UMass – UMaine?  UMass?  You bet!  While it’s too late to get in on a UMaine away game package through the university, there’s still time to get general admission tickets for the 2:00 kickoff here:

It is our formal recommendation to hit the hay early on Saturday night.  Why do something like that, you ask?  The answer is simple…so you can be ready for a full day of stein-filling on Sunday!  After all, Sunday rhymes with Funday for a reason.

  • Patriots Viewing Parties – What better way to celebrate a UMaine victory or drown the sorrows associated with a UMaine loss than by filling your steins to the NFL season opener between the Pats and the Bills?  While the game takes place in Buffalo, no less than six, that’s right…SIX, bars and restaurants at Patriot Place will be having viewing parties in honor of Week 1.  This is also a great chance to “stand and drink a toast” to former Black Bear standout and Maine native Matt Mulligan, as he makes his Patriots debut.  The poor guy had to play for the Jets for three seasons, so he can definitely use all the support he can get.  Full details on where to catch the 1:00 kickoff are available at
  • New England Revolution vs. Montreal Impact – Because neither of these teams are an EPL club, I admit to knowing precious little about either side.  However, if you’re the kind of guy or gal who likes to wait out the weekend traffic, you might as well catch a little bit of the *other* football before heading home.  This one starts at 7:30 and is a great way to cap off a great weekend.

So, there you have it…a Quick & Dirty look at the coolest stuff to do at Patriot Place and proof that you needn’t travel into Boston to have a good time in Massachusetts.  If you’re traveling to Foxboro for Saturday’s game, be sure to check out some or all of these events and leave us a comment with your feedback.  Most importantly, have fun, travel safe, and Fill The Steins to dear old Maine!!!

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