Top 10 Reasons to be Excited About 2013 UMaine Homecoming

Here at Fill The Steins HQ, we’re game to stand and drink a toast to UMaine, Orono-Old Town, real live black bears, a well-made grilled cheese sandwich…most anything, really.  But put together UMaine, football, and tailgating with great friends and family, and you’ve got yourself something toast-worthy, indeed.  Homecoming is a big deal to many in the UMaine community, and clearly, we’re not the exception.  
In fact, we’re about to go all Letterman on you, right here, right now.  Here are our Top 10 Reasons We’re Excited For 2013 UMaine Homecoming:

10. Because we can’t wait to show off our fancy new #BlurredSteins t-shirts.

9. For those hot UMaine cheerleaders…covered in warm-up pants, jackets, hats, and mittens.

8. Because the Black Bears are going to ravage William & Mary like Gordon Ramsay on a Margarita’s short-order cook. 

7. Because UMaine has a great A.S.S. (that’s Alfond Sports Stadium.  Perverts…)

6. For those rad Campus PD Segway rides!

5. Because the best view of any football game is always from the stadium parking lot.

4. Because the beer-to-fudge ratios will surely improve this year thanks to the craft fair being cancelled.

3. Because the Black Bear football team is SO good (how good are they?) … They’re so good, they have to play TWO schools on Homecoming…  William AND Mary.

2. Because we may not know what the fox says, but when you say “Maine Black Bears”, you’ve said it all. 

1. Because Home-coming beats Home-faking it.  

Well there you have ’em, folks…  Fill The Steins’ Top 10 Reasons to be excited for UMaine Homecoming, 2013 edition!  We hope you’ve enjoyed this horribly irreverent list, and we hope to see you at the #BlurredSteins tailgate spot!  Cheers!

Photo of Harold Alfond Sports Stadium by Ruth Clark of Bright Lights Dark Room.

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