Matt Grondin’s One Steining Moment: Homecoming 2013

Over the course of this week, and in the spirit of the uber-cheesy music montage that concludes CBS’s annual coverage of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, each of your Fill The Steins contributors will be sharing their “One Shining Moment” from Homecoming 2013.  This could be anything from running into an old college buddy at the football tailgate, to a particularly memorable interaction (positive or negative) with the fine folks at UMaine Public Safety, to an especially delicious batch of zingers at the Pat’s Pizza postgame party.  Basically, it’s a way for the members of the team here at Fill The Steins to reflect on Homecoming 2013 with a personal memory that they’ll carry with them forever.  Feel free to share your own “One Shining Moment” from Homecoming 2013 in the comments section below.  In the meantime, our Arts & Culture Contributor, Matt Grondin, has a crack at it.

Look, there are lots of memorable things about Homecoming 2013.  Great win by the Black Bears.  Late night heroics by one Shane Victorino.  Nikki, the best bartender a Homecomer could ask for (thanks, Hilton Garden Inn!)

But damn, that weather was nice.  It wasn’t just nice compared to last year’s monsoon.  And it wasn’t just nice for mid-October.  It was just plain great, beautiful, sunny weather.  From the word ‘Go,’ everyone was in a good mood, the tailgate lots were more full than I’ve seen in years, and Fill The Steins’ spot was full of good folks and good times.  

We’ve see it all, from rain to wind to sleet at Homecoming.  But a perfect one?  That’s really memorable.

It was everything a Homecoming tailgate ought to be… A winner of a day combined with a cookout, some brews, and the Black Bears on the winning side.  Maybe it’s just my Keith Carson withdrawal kicking in, but I’d say any Homecoming that needs SPF considerations qualifies as a shining moment in my book.

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