WWJD: Where Will Jimmy Drink

Between answering multiple lines of questioning from family members at the Thanksgiving table and surviving the MMA match that breaks out at the midnight opening of Walmart, who doesn’t need a drink? It may just be the exchange students, campus police, and Jimmy left on campus this weekend, but that doesn’t mean a great time can’t be had at a variety of local events and pubs. Here is Jimmy’s rundown of the top places to wet your pallet after stuffing your gizzard this Thanksgiving weekend.
Thanksgiving Karaoke (Sea Dog Brewery, Bangor): Jimmy has always been one to help those in need during the holidays; with this in mind he will be helping himself to a couple pints of Winter Ale which is now on tap at the Sea Dog. After lubing his pipes with libations Jimmy will take the microphone for a special Thanksgiving edition of Karaoke with his go-to song, Rump Shaker by Wreckx-n-Effect.
Black Friday (Everywhere, USA): Ever wonder how people can sit outside Best Buy for hours in the freezing cold just to save $30 on a generic brand television? Count the number of brown bags you see in the crowd and you will find the answer. Odds are that if see Jimmy in line at the Walmart in Bangor his brown bag will contain the delicious goodness that is Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy. If you aren’t going to brave the crowds during the wee hours of Friday morning, make sure to keep an eye on Jimmy’s favorite shopping website, Black Friday Death Count.  
Plaid Friday (Downtown Bangor): After sleeping off his flask of the Champange of Maine in the Walmart parking lot following the midnight opening, Jimmy will be heading to downtown Bangor to do the bulk of his shopping as part of the “Plaid Friday” event. Businesses will be open extra early on Friday and people wearing plaid, the official cloth of Maine, will receive special discounts. Jimmy will be heading over to Bangor Wine & Cheese for the special release party of Friars’ Brewhouse Christmas Beer before continuing on to the many other great stores downtown. Support small businesses just like Jimmy!
Dead River Classic (Cross Insurance Center, Bangor): Jimmy is taking all of those savings from his Black Friday shopping and converting $15 dollars of that into a ticket to see the Lady Black Bears face UMass in the opening round of the Dead River Classic. The women’s basketball team is off to a 3-0 start on the season and will face either William & Mary or Wisconsin-Green Bay on Saturday. While drinks are hard to come by at college basketball games, Jimmy knows of a very convienent dumpster behind the Irving on Main Street adjacent to the arena to “tailgate” at before the game.

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