A Very Black Bear New Year

2013 has been quite the year for us here at Fill The Steins.  Our big (re) launch was back in August, and each week, it’s been a treat giving out our take – to whoever will listen – on all things UMaine.  And, obviously, it’s been a fun year to have done this, as well, with some terrific storylines coming from The College of Our Hearts, Always.  We’d really like to thank all the Q&A; interviewees, and the folks who have helped us with some quotes and research.  But above all, thanks to the people who are reading this thing.  To show our appreciation, we’ve done it again: our favorite third-grade-level poet expresses his thoughts…

A Very Black Bear New Year
‘Tis the end of the year, and we have to say,
All Black Bear Nation has brightened our day.

Homecoming and playoffs, what a delight;
We’re just so thrilled that you visit our site.

We try our hardest to write what you like;
And if you don’t… Well, then, go take a hike! (Please don’t.)

From sports, and the arts, to the history books;
We’ll write anything that gets us the looks.

We’ve loved the pigskin, pucks, base- and softball…
And telling you all about Coburn Hall.

On Facebook!  On Twitter!  We’re all around!
At FillTheSteins.com, where wifi is found!

We had so much fun in twenty-thirteen;
Home playoffs and more on Orono’s scene.

With pools on Hauck stage and great Q&A;’s,
Good times at UMaine in so many ways.

Marathons, beer, culinary delights;
Like Coffee Brandy, for cold winter nights.

Throwback Thursdays: d’you remember when…?
Homecoming tailgates with (most of) our friends.

And let’s not forget: Where Will Jimmy Drink?
We’ve got it all, even the kitchen sink.

And it’s thanks to you, our FTS crew,
For reading and sharing all that we do.

We’re looking forward to two-oh-one-four,
When we can bring you all this and much more.

So, on this New Year’s, don’t sing Auld Lang Syne…
Lift up your glasses and shout FILL THE STEINS!!!


Some photos courtesy of Ruth Clark, Bright Lights, Dark Room. Others by me.  That’s right.

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