Top 10 Reasons to be Excited For Frozen Fenway

The wintery pageantry…  The unmistakeable history of Fenway (and Boston, for that matter)…  The sound of sticks on the ice echoing off the Green Monstah…  It’s not like any of us NEED any more excuse to get pumped up for UMaine Hockey’s trip down to Beantown.  But here at Fill The Steins, we’re always game to try and maximize the happy, so here we go with another Top 10…  The Top 10 Reasons to be Excited For Frozen Fenway!
10) Because stealing second base will get you two minutes in the penalty box.

9) Because, to paraphrase Big Papi, “These are our f**king Black Bears!”

8) Because, for once, the seats at Fenway will actually face the playing surface.

7) Because $8 beers stay ice cold that much longer in January.

6) Because we finally kicked the curse of the Zambino!

5) Because Devin Shore might wrap one around the Pesky Pole…

4) Because we can’t wait to sing ‘Sweet Kariya’ during the second intermission stretch…

3) Because we heard Bill Buckner will be in net for BU. #FiveHole #Sieve

2) Because there is virtually no chance Coach Red will leave Pedro in too long.

1) Because Fill The Steins is hosting the greatest Pre-Pre-Game Party of all time at Boston Beer Works!
Cheers!  See you in Boston!!!

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