Frozen Fenway Hangover: Adam Henckler

I have been very lucky to be involved in two successful websites over the last few years, the most recent of course being “Fill the Steins”. It has always amazed me that people, besides family members and prisoners, would actually want to read any of my articles on a regular basis. I get to open up the door into my mind just a bit and total strangers have a chance to look inside and get a peek at what makes me tick. As open as this relationship is it is also very one-sided, almost voyeuristic, much like my P.E. teacher with his one-way office mirror in middle school. Then there comes that time when worlds collide and those same people who have been following me online suddenly are standing two feet from my face.
Anytime we do a social gathering, like our Frozen Fenway Pre-Game Party, I get more and more excited as the day creeps closer. Even walking into the Boston BeerWorks on Saturday I was excited at the prospect of partying with fellow Black Bears and throwing back a few pints myself. But shortly after we walked in and settled into position it happened, “you’re the Fill the Steins guys aren’t you?” Total panic set in and I found myself resorting back to my comfort zone of being that scared kid in the corner at my 7th grade school dance. Why? I’m a fairly social person, I love meeting new people, but it always takes me some time to get over the fact that someone knows more about me than I do about them. Whether it is just getting used to that fact or just some liquid encouragement I found my nerves calming as the crowd began to swell.

Soon I found myself going from table to table with Paul Kariya (head-on-stick) and talking to total strangers from across Maine and New England sporting the blue and white. I spoke with a family from Millinocket who road the train down with us from Portland and came to the party because their son was a loyal Fill the Steins follower. Then there was our Resident Assistant from freshmen year in Oxford Hall who I hadn’t seen since graduation who came out with his wife to enjoy our party. And of course, James Morin and our friends from Black Bears of Portland brought a bus load of stein fillers to the event, many of which I was meeting for the first time and look forward to hanging out again with soon.

So to all of you who made it out to the Frozen Fenway Pre-Game Party and those who I met during my 24-hours in Boston, many thanks. The success of this website is tied to our loyal followers; you are what help us to continue to bring you new and exciting content. We don’t have big dollars backing us, we do this in our spare time because we love connecting with fellow Black Bears. So if that means I have to keep putting little pieces of myself out there on the internet for you all to look at, so be it, I wouldn’t have it any other way!   

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