Frozen Fenway Hangover: Jon Jenkins

Well, at least this time I was actually present at the Fill The Steins event for which I have to write about (See my One Shining Moment from Homecoming).  Beyond that, it was the first official Fill The Steins event outside of said Homecoming (Yeah FTS!)  So what were my favorite recollections from Frozen Fenway 2014…? Well, everything (Just bear with me).

This particular Saturday began with waking up earlier than I normally would have for most any other Saturday so as not to miss the train (literally).  I met up with my good friend and co-contributor Adam at the Dover, NH Amtrak station where we awaited the arrival of the 8:57 train to North Station that was already the temporary residence of another good friend and co-contributor, Matt.  Once safely under way I indulged in my first adult beverage of the day, a Bloody Mary.  It was a very relaxing train ride catching up with friends and not having to deal with traffic.

The train arrived on time at North Station where, after investing in some Charlie Cards, we hopped on the T to Hynes.  We swung by our hotel early and dropped off our bags before proceeding to the food court at the Prudential Center for a quick bite to tide us over.  From here we made our way, on foot, to the Boston Beer Works by Fenway where we would wait for out last confirmed participant, yet another good friend and co-contributor, Keith (unfortunately the final founding member of FTS could not make it) and whoever else would decide to join us.

While we waited I ordered my second drink, a 22oz Back Bay IPA.  I little hoppy for my taste, but easily palatable.  Much to our enjoyment, there was a very large contingent of Maine supporters, both young and old, familiar faces and new.  We were very excited that the Black Bears of Portland swung by to pre-pre-game with us, it was great to meet up with them.  My third drink was at some point during the rain delay (rain delay?  in January?  in New England?  Yup, ONLY in New England!), a 22oz Tell Tale Lager.  This one a little malty, but still plenty good.  Maine was up 1-0 to BU at this point.  Once the game got going again I had my final drink at BBW, a 22oz Fenway Pale Ale.  This one was just right.  The rain was continuing to come down, but that didn’t stop Maine from getting up 5-0 on BU.

At this point we were looking for something a little different for dinner, so we headed down to La Verdad with close friend and supporter of FTS, Matty B.  On the way we made a quick stop at the Bleacher Bar so we could say we made it to Fenway for the game.  There we shared a round of Miller Lites before continuing on our journey.

We made it to La Verdad a little before 7 where we shared a picture of margarita while we waited for a table to open up.   Somehow in the 5 minutes it took us to get to the restaurant BU managed to pull off 3 goals (Ugh!) Well, the margarita didn’t last me very long, and before we had our table, I found myself in possession of a refreshing Bud Light.  Thankfully, Maine was able to secure the win with a pair of goals courtesy of BU’s empty net for a 7-3 final.  We then sat down to eat and had a delicious dinner that was just what the doctor ordered.

By the time we were done with dinner it was pushing past 8 and we recognized the need to find a location to watch the Pats game fast.  We headed back in the general direction of our hotel to make the late night trek a little easier.  Even though it was raining pretty heavily, we all benefited from some fresh air.  Our first choice in viewing was Champions at the Marriot, as it must have been for half of Boston given that the line to get in had as many people as the bar itself.  Next on the list was McGreevy’s, which let us in only to find there was nowhere to stand.  From there we made our way a few doors down to Whiskey’s where there was slightly more room, but not much.

With the Pats game in full swing and no territory to call our own, we made the ultimate decision… to make the call to head back to the hotel (lesson learned for everyone: when you have a good spot at one bar, don’t give it up for no spot at any other bar!).  At this point (probably seeing the writing on the wall) we parted ways with Matty B.  We made a stop by a liquor store to pick up some beer for the room (two 12-packs of Miller Lite).  Once in the hotel we popped open a few beers (literally 3 beers, in fact, the only 3 that would be opened) and settled in to watch the game.  After a little back and forth, by the fourth quarter it was pretty clear that the Pats would be triumphant (which may have contributed to my 3 cohorts falling asleep).  Once the game was called I proceeded to turn off the lights and TV and head off to bed in preparation for the inevitable return to reality and responsibility.

So, as I stated back at the beginning, so long ago, what were my favorite memories? All of them, in so far as that I actually have them all.  Gone are the days where I would overindulge and wake up in a fog only to regain my clarity just in time to do it all again.  Gone are the days when not making it until the bar closes feels like a failure.  And gone are the days where the measure of the success of a night out is in the quantity vice the quality.  Is there anything wrong with any of those things?  Absolutely not for a great many people.  But for me, with one child and another on the way, I cherish much more my ability to remember all the little things, not only with my young family, but just as much with my old friends.  After all, in the end all we are left with is the memories we make for ourselves with the people closest to us (and of course the pictures that will inevitably end up on facebook, another good reason to behave!) 

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