Frozen Fenway Hangover : Keith Luhmann

So as everyone probably has either heard or witnessed firsthand, last weekend’s light rain and tepid weather did not exactly support the Frozen Fenway moniker. There was however hockey in the air and a fantastic showing of UMaine alumni in the vicinity of everyone’s favorite ball park. The Black Bears put up seven points and survived a one hour “lightning delay” in a thorough thwomping of BU. As Champ Kind would say: “WHAMMY!!!”
Through it all your humble narrator cheered jubilantly from the dry confines of Boston BeerWorks and The Bleacher Bar, followed by a celebratory dinner at La Verdad; the best taqueria in Back Bay. It was a fine day of reminiscing and stein-filling that harks back to the “good old days” in the student section of Alfond Arena ruthlessly chanting “Sieve! Sieve! Sieve!” at the opposing goalie. Good times indeed.
There was a glaring difference between now and then in that we are getting OLD. I find it hard to believe that 15 years ago we would have chosen to watch the game from a bar instead of tackling the wind and rain in Fenway…of course now that I think of it, we were too young then to even get into the bar…regardless, just being down on Lansdowne Street with old friends was excitement enough. Capping it all off with a Patriots win was the gravy on the poutine…
Thanks to everyone who attended the official Pre-Pre-Game Party. We here at Fill The Steins had a blast and were very pleased to further expand the FTS family.

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