Frozen Fenway Hangover: Brian MacLeod

For the second big Fill The Steins event in a row (2013 Homecoming being the first), my recouperation from bilateral hip replacement forced me to miss out on Frozen Fenway 2014 in Boston.  While a cardboard cutout in my likeness served as a stand-in (get it?  STAND-IN?!?!  Whatever…) at Homecoming, the partiers who joined Fill The Steins Nation at our pre-game celebration were forced (delighted?) to settle for a very dashing B-Mac head-on-a-stick (see image).

Of course, if you were following all the Frozen Fenway action on Twitter, you probably got a little more B-Mac than you bargained for, because if you interacted with Fill The Steins via the Twitterverse during Frozen Fenway, you interacted with me. 

Thanks to our all great readers on Twitter, we gained almost 20 new followers last Saturday alone.  From there, we cracked 700 total followers earlier this week.  No, those numbers aren’t huge, they’re not prolific, and they’re not record-setting.  They are, however, very meaningful to all of us at Fill The Steins.

When we relaunched the site with new and improved content last August, we never dreamed that our page would get thousands of views every month and that we’d have hundreds of followers on Twitter.  Personally, I wasn’t sure ANYONE would read ANYTHING we published.  But you do, and you are, and you continue to tell your friends.  And we appreciate that.

The biggest reason my fellow contributors and I wanted to start this site was to reconnect with the University of Maine after we all moved out of state and now that (almost) all of us have moved back.  We never imagined, however, that we’d meet, both virtually and in person, so many wonderful fellow students and alumni who have stumbled across our pages over the last few months. 

I could say we wouldn’t do this without you but, honestly, we probably would, because we love the University of Maine and we love to write.  But we wouldn’t have NEARLY as much fun without you.  Knowing that people gain enjoyment from reading our words and interacting with us on Twitter means the world to me, and to our group as a whole. 

So while, once again, I couldn’t be there in person, I Fill The Steins to everyone who favorited, retweeted, and replied to anything I said from the FTS Twitter account during Frozen Fenway.  I’m happy to say I’m recovering nicely from my surgeries and, barring any unforeseen setbacks, I’ll be on the ground and ready to meet you at our next event.  It’s been nice getting to “virtually” know you all, and it’ll be even better to shake your hand and fill the steins with you in person.

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