BearFest Needs Your Help!

As the community contributor for “Fill The Steins” I am contacted on a regular basis asking for our organization to promote or support various fundraisers. I try to select events that have special meaning to one of our group’s founders, if not all of them. It goes without saying that I humbly ask for your support of BearFest 2014 on February 1st at the New Balance Recreation Center on the Orono Campus. 

Going into it’s third year, BearFest is a 12-hour dance marathon that is organized and attended by students and alumni of the Black Bear community. While the benefits of dancing non-stop for half a day may seem evident, the actual purpose of the event has a much more important meeting. You see BearFest is a major fundraising event for the Children’s Miracle Network of Eastern Maine contributing almost $100,000 dollars back to the organization since the first event in 2012. If you aren’t familiar with the Children’s Miracle Network they provide funding towards care and health research for premature babies right up through young adults. The dollars that are raised are supporting the next generation of stein-fillers in FTS Nation pure and simple and here’s how I know.

I have seen the benefits of the Children’s Miracle Network with the birth of my own son Cameron. 16 weeks into our pregnancy my wife and I learned that our son was suffering from a blood disorder, one which would likely cause him not to survive if drastic steps weren’t taken. We were told to hope that he was able to make it to 32 weeks as his chance of survival would be much greater at that point. After having three blood transfusions while still inside my wife Cameron made it to 37 weeks where he was born and rushed off to the neonatal intensive care unit to spend the next 8 days battling to get his antibody levels in check. He had one more transfusion before he turned a month old and now that same little baby is a three year old who celebrates UMaine Homecoming just as hard as anyone else. The Children’s Miracle Network provided direct support to the children’s hospital where our son was born so if you needed a story to understand why you should help BearFest now you have one.

For BearFest 2014 we are throwing our support behind a fellow “Fill The Steins” member who has graciously committed to dancing the night away to help raise funds for this truly awesome cause. Katrina Martin is a class of 2013 graduate of the UMaine Civil Engineering department and a close friend of mine. I ask that you go to her Fundraiser Page and donate whatever amount you can, even if it is just five dollars, every little bit makes a big difference.

It is even more important this year than ever because the event is still well behind it’s goal of raising $60,000, so please take the time to sign-up for the event and raise your own funds or support our friend Katrina.

Do it for kids like Cameron and the rest of the next generation of stein-fillers and Black Bears. 

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