WWJD: Where Will Jimmy Drink

Jimmy can’t win. After misleading several people into buying tickets to see Steve Perry perform at the Cross Insurance Center last weekend, Jimmy is a wanted man by people looking for refunds. In addition to these financial and life safety concerns, Jimmy has been suffering some shock in the classroom as well. He decided to purchase a research paper online for his “Marxian Economics” class with the idea that everyone works together for the better good of Jimmy. He passed the paper in on-time but was contacted a day later by his professor who stated that the exact same paper had been turned in by another student as well. Now the professor is trying to determine who wrote the real paper and which one is a fake. With academic prohbation and possibly explusion hanging over his head, Jimmy is getting out of town this weekend to get some fresh air and some cold beverages.
Arctic Monkeys (State Theater, Portland): There’s no confusion of who’s performing at this weekend’s concert stop for Jimmy, it is the one and only Arctic Monkeys! The band is back on tour in support of their fifth studio album “AM” and they will most certainly rock the State Theater on Friday with their awesome English Indie Rock stylings. If you stopped listening to the Arctic Monkeys after the single “I bet you look good on the dance floor” you have missed out on several more instant classics including their newly released album. For Jimmy the drink of choice will be a tall can of Boddington’s as an homage to the boys who hail from the midlands of England.
National Toboggan Championships (Camden Snow Bowl): One of the best winter events in Maine happens this weekend when more than 420 teams will be meeting in Camden to take part in the U.S. Toboggan Championships. Remember those old wooden sleds you’d see in pictures of your parents from their childhood winters? Well imagine those same sleds with a modern twist flying down a 400-foot long chute and then blasting out across a frozen Hosmer Pond. Anyone can compete in the event as long as you sign-up early enough. Even if you’re not an official team there are chances for locals to give the chute a try this weekend. In the case of Jimmy he will be doing some ice luge shots before throwing on his old Buffalo Bills Starter Jacket and taking a two-man toboggan down the course alone. 

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