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You have come to count on Fill The Steins for unique content, fantastic tailgates, and legendary humor celebrating the college of our hearts always. After several months of planning we are pleased to announce the next extension of our social media platform.
On Sunday February 16th at 7pm we will launch the all new “Fill The Steins Podcast” broadcasting weekly from the heart of Black Bear Nation. The show will be broadcast LIVE exclusively through BlogTalkRadio and you are encouraged to call in and be an active part of the program. In addition, we are pleased to announce University Credit Union as the title sponsor for our show extending a great partnership between two great alumni focused groups. UCU and FTS share a common interest in reaching out to current and former UMaine students so it seemed natural that we would work together on this new project.
I’m sure you have lots of questions about this new and exciting announcement, so let’s try to work through those answers.
How can I follow the show?
Visit our dedicated show page on BlogTalkRadio where you can become a follower of the program and receive access to exclusive content as well as reminders for upcoming shows.
How can I list to the show live?
You can listen live through our show page via your mobile device or computer.
Can I call in and be part of the show?
Of course you can, just check out the show page for the call-in number and become part Fill The Steins audio history.
Is this just a guy sitting in a closet with a headset and a computer?
Hardly. We have worked hard over the last few months to put together a show with a high production value just like you have come to expect of our other social media platforms. You will hear exclusive content on a weekly basis and a preview of upcoming stories about UMaine sports, arts, culture, and more.
So I was hung over and missed the live show Sunday, can I download it?
You know it. We will have our shows archived on our website under the Podcast tab and they will also be available through our show page. In the future we should be able to sync the shows with iTunes so you can simply follow the podcast and receive all the new shows as they become available.
We are excited for this opportunity and we know that you will enjoy this new offering from us. So mark your calendars with every Sunday Night at 7pm, grab a pint, and Fill The Steins with us!

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