WWJD: Where Will Jimmy Drink

We thought we would never hear from Jimmy again after his last report from the road over Spring Break. After a two day trip by Greyhound Bus to Panama City Beach Jimmy got caught up in the Steve Aoki show after party and ended up traveling with him to South Padre Island for his next concert. Losing his clothes and his ticket home, Jimmy was forced to hitchhike his way from Texas back to Orono. Luckily he was able to get a ride from a UPS driver for the last 150 miles of the trip and got back to campus late last Saturday Night. Although Jenny did an awesome job covering WWJD over spring break, Jimmy is back to tell you his top picks on where to Fill The Steins this weekend.
Moonlight Specials (Margarita’s, Orono): Maybe it was all the time spent near the Mexican border while in South Padre Island, but Jimmy is craving a few pints of Tecate so you’ll find him at Margarita’s on Friday Night. There will be tons of drink specials including $4 margaritas and $2 well drinks, plus Jimmy’s new favorite Tecate will be $2 per can. What better way to ease back into the spring semester than meeting up with a couple of friends, and Jimmy, at Margarita’s tonight!
Rural Living Day (Mountain View School, Thorndike): It is a bit of a drive, but Saturday will see Jimmy heading out to Thorndike for the annual Rural Living Day at Mountain View. While the cheese making and maple syrup processing classes are great, Jimmy is interested in a different workshop; beer brewing. While no one wants to wait for a beer and brewing can take a lot of effort, Jimmy sees it as a worthwhile investment of his time and resources to ensure beer of the highest possible alcohol content.
Northeast Reptile Expo (Cross Insurance Center, Bangor): Jimmy plans to wear his “Pet My Snake” t-shirt and head down to the CIC on Sunday to check out the Northeast Reptile Expo. The key to making the most of the reptile show is to pair it with one of the many brunch options downtown before you head over. Puddy Murphy’s always has a nice acoustic brunch on Sunday’s so Jimmy will likely fill the steins there before checking out all the turtles, lizards and snakes. 

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