Where to Fill The Steins in NOLA

I was fortunate enough to spend about 36 hours in New Orleans, LA this past weekend, with the primary purpose of my trip being to attend WWE WrestleMania XXX at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.  Of course, WrestleMania was only a four hour show, so that left me 32 hours to explore all the wonders of Bourbon St.
And explore, I did.  Accompanied by my ol’ wrasslin’ buddy, Steve, we set out on a journey to experience the most cliché New Orleans weekend possible, one stein at a time.  The commentary below highlights  where I would recommend anyone in FTS Nation fill their stein should they be so fortunate to go to New Orleans. 
So bookmark this page, add it to your favorites, and have it ready to go for when you have the opportunity to visit this wonderful city!

Pat O’Brien’s: (624 Bourbon St.) – Known for their world-famous Hurricanes (no, not the ones that ravage the ninth ward, the ones that ravage your liver), Pat O’Brien’s is a mandatory first stop for any stein-filler in NOLA.  With an energetic (albeit tightly-squeezed) front bar and WIDE open back courtyard, Pat O’s has the atmosphere for any drinker in any weather.  Unfortunately, NOLA was experiencing intermittent showers during our stop at Pat O’s, so we were forced inside.  However, I can confirm from my first trip to NOLA four years ago that the outdoor courtyard is the perfect spot to drink away a lovely spring Louisiana day.

Le Booze on Bourbon: (300 Bourbon St.; adjacent to the Royal Sonesta Hotel ) – Yup, you read that right.  There’s a bar in New Orleans that’s just flat-out called “Le Booze”.  Candidly, Le Booze is not what would first come to mind when one thinks of a traditional New Orleans bar.  There’s no live jazz (or cover) band, no Hurricanes, no food, and no strippers.  Le Booze, however, had the one thing Steve and I needed more than anything last Saturday night…seven 58″ flatscreen TVs.  As anyone who reads Fill The Steins regularly knows, I’m a HUGE college hoops fan, and last Saturday was one of the best nights of the year…the Final Four.  Keep in mind, because there’s so much going on in NOLA, it’s hard to find a good bar on Bourbon St. for just settling in and watching games.  Well, Le Booze is it.  Friendly bartenders, a not-too-crowded scene, and an open view of Bourbon St. to give you just enough people watching during TV timeouts made it the perfect spot to watch the Final Four.  If you want to watch a big game in the heart of the Bourbon St. nonsense, Le Booze is the place for you.

The Beach on Bourbon: (227 Bourbon St.) – In the mood for some #SundayFunday day drinking?  Then The Beach on Bourbon is the destination for you.  Why?  Three words: three-for-one.  That’s right…all beers and well drinks are THREE FOR ONE all day, every day at The Beach.  The Beach also features a nice (though not as expansive as Pat O’s) courtyard out back and lots of great live music almost every night.  But, really, did I mention three-for-one?!?!  Fill The Steins, indeed.

Old Absinthe House: (240 Bourbon St.) – If you’re into the finer points of stein-filling, then The Old Absinthe House is for you.  Here, you’ll find a slightly (very slightly) more upscale, tamer crowd.  It’s a more laid back social scene than you’ll find at The Beach or Pat O’Brien’s, but that’s okay.  The Old Absinthe House features the best scotch selection on Bourbon St. as well as many tasty house specialty drinks, including their signature Old Absinthe House Frappe.  If you want to experience a little bit of a higher-end scene while not straying away from the lower-end trappings of Bourbon St., then this is your go-to place to fill your stein.

Keep in mind, this is just a small sample from a very short weekend of great places to fill the steins in New Orleans.  There are seemingly endless places both on and off Bourbon that offer a great experience to their patrons.  Did I miss your favorite?  Tell us about it in the comments section below and join the conversation on Twitter using #FTSNOLA!

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