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For anyone who has been lucky enough to attend the College of Our Hearts Always for any period of time in the last 55 years, Governor’s Restaurant & Bakery has been a staple of sustenance. The legendary Big Breakfast Combo has aided many a recovery after a night of stein filling and the allure of a giant slice of homemade pie has kept both students and local Mainahs coming back year after year. With a menu that is truly Maine friendly and a wry caricature based off Boss Tweed waiting at the door, Gov’s truly is UMaine’s flagship restaurant.
Profiled recently by our good friends at the Bangor Daily News, Governor’s has a long history of satisfying customers that began with an ice cream stand opened by Leith and Donna Wadleigh in Old Town in 1959. When they realized that selling “creemees” (i.e. soft serve ice cream) in the central Maine winters wasn’t exactly paying the bills, the idea for a full service restaurant was born. The name came from Mr. Wadleigh’s standard greeting of “Hi Ya, Governor” to patrons with names he failed to remember…coincidentally, this is also one of my top five best responses to a “What’s up, Chief”…
Governor’s, like our other favorite UMaine restaurants Pat’s and Margaritas, is now located throughout the state, even as far north as Presque Isle (UMPI students are still rejoicing even today) but the original still remains where it was first built on Marsh Island. The menu is loaded with Maine favorites from fresh dinner rolls, Lobster Rolls, Haddock Chowder, Yankee Pot Roast (no affiliation with the Bronx), Beans and Franks (yes, the weird red ones only found in Maine), the legendary Moose Burger (not literally moose but an awful lot of beef), and a whole lot of pie. They’ve also expanded to some interesting cultural dishes like Chicken Marsala or the Huevos Chorizo Breakfast Wrap (though maybe it’s better to leave the Mexican to Margaritas). Even with all the variety, Gov’s still manages to get all the classics right and that is what has kept it busy since the Eisenhower years.
Of all the fine establishments that have made their mark feeding the UMaine affiliated population, Governor’s is by far the best representation of fine Maine cuisine. Simple, hearty, and full of calories. And for out of state Freshmen making their first trip to the University, heading to Governor’s for a meal with the folks can be a daunting experience… What to choose? Should I save room for a Chocolate Cream Pie? Am I going to get made fun of when I can’t scale the Hot Meatloaf Mountain? And just what the hell is in those hot dogs that make them so radioactive red??…my advice is to fear not and order away…the best thing about Gov’s is the leftovers…and the fact that your parents are picking up the tab. Enjoy.   

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