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FTS Logo 300x300For the last ten months, Fill The Steins has been “celebrating the college of our hearts always”. Through our unique and creative blend of content spanning sports, arts, politics, pop culture, and, yes, stein-filling, Fill The Steins has become a leading voice in the University of Maine community.

Now, we embark on a journey to further strengthen that voice and exponentially grow Fill The Steins Nation. Beginning today, we are proud to be a featured blog hosted by the Bangor Daily News.

The Bangor Daily News is unquestionably the leading print and online media outlet in Central and Northern Maine. With over 1.6 million unique visitors to their network every month, it is an easy and natural place for Fill The Steins to call home. Likewise, Fill The Steins will provide the BDN blog community with an unparalleled take on all things UMaine from our crack team of talented and diverse contributors.

So, what does this mean for everyone in Fill The Steins Nation? Honestly, nothing. You’ll still find us at You’ll still be reading content from the same group of contributors you’ve come to know and love (okay, like). And, no, Fill The Steins will not edited, censored, or otherwise dictated by the Bangor Daily News. That means you’ll still be able to count on us for the same combination of style, perspective, passion, and occasional irreverence you’ve come to expect from Fill The Steins. The BDN is simply hosting our website in an effort to further increase the readership, passion, and enthusiasm in Fill The Steins Nation.

As we enter this next chapter, it’s important to thank all of our loyal readers and members who have brought us to this point. When we started this project in earnest nearly ten months ago, we never imagined so many of you would take an interest in what we have to say. It is because of your loyalty and enthusiasm for our content that we are able to enter into this new and exciting partnership. We are committed to further improving the quality of our content in an effort to continually exceed your expectations. After all, you deserve it.

In closing, let us all “stand and drink a toast” to the Bangor Daily News and to every member of Fill The Steins Nation who make this next phase of our journey possible. Cheers!

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