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Maine has many great things going for it, but among the tops on that list is summertime. They call it ‘Vacationland’ for a reason, after all… Summer in Maine means lots of things: beaches; lobsters; lots of recreation on the mountains, lakes, and rivers; and Sea Dogs baseball, among other things. But here at FTS, one of the things we look forward to doing in summer is getting those steins filled OUTSIDE!

In our FTS Al Fresco series, we’ll take a look, throughout the summer, at some of the best spots to wet your whistle in Maine.

Maine has rightly gotten a reputation as a haven for beer lovers, from its craft breweries large and small to the festivals that dot the state every summer and fall. One could make the argument that Maine is on par with Colorado and Oregon, in terms of its affection for suds (side note: Did you know that Maine is fifth in the nation in craft breweries per capita?) And nowhere is that love more evident than at Ebenezer’s in Lovell.

OK, so technically, this isn’t a beer bar that has many MAINE beers. Ebenezer’s claim to fame is that it’s a pub for Belgian beers, which encompasses so many styles, it’d be another 20 columns – so let’s just say that Ebenezer’s is the Number One Beer Bar in America. After all, who are we to disagree with Beer Advocate?

The drive to Lovell can take a while, depending on where you’re coming from, but it’s more than worth it. The best part about Ebenezer’s – along with the beer… And the fries… And the coconut shrimp, burgers, and trademark pizza – is the lawn outside. Through the bar and restaurant, onto the screened-in porch, and out to the picnic tables that dot the fenced-in area that sits right on the third green of the Lake Kezar Country Club’s golf course. The vast western Maine woods and mountains on one side, and the manicured course on the other gives a nice contrast as one sips a Chimay or Delirium Tremens with some delicious steak tips.

The attention to detail can’t be beat – from the menu to the décor – and is the result of some amazing work, since 2004, of owners Chris and Jen Lively, who also just recently launched Ebenezer’s Brewpub in Brunswick (formerly Lion’s Pride, but now they’re making their own super-tasty beers). They’ve forgotten more about beer than your humble correspondent will ever know about most things, and it shows in all aspects, but particularly in the variety – and scarcity – of some of the available brews. In fact, Ebenezer’s draws beer drinkers from all around the country and world, thanks to some of the contacts that Chris and Jen have, enabling them to procure the tastiest of the tasty.

And like our most recent FTS Al Fresco subject, The Black Frog, wintertime doesn’t stop the clientele from filling their steins; snowmobiles are a common sight when the snow flies – everyone needs a pit stop, right?

To paraphrase that James Taylor guy… Winter, spring, summer, or fall – it’s a good time for Ebenezer’s! Have you gotten your beer snob on at Ebenezer’s? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook / Twitter!

The FTS Al Fresco rundown:

44 Allen Drive, Lovell, ME

Ebenezer’s is open year-round, but hours do vary. Best to call ahead.

Yes, they take plastic. Visa and Mastercard, anyway.

Parking: there’s a parking lot – for your car, snowmobile, or golf cart.  BONUS: they’ll even let you tent out on the lawn!!

Full bar, but if you’re not drinking beer at Ebenezer’s, you might feel out of place.

Vibe is casual – come as you are! I mean, within reason…

Ebenezer’s Social Media: Facebook





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