‘Nite Show’ host Dan Cashman talks about life behind the mic

CashmanThe host of one of Maine’s most successful television programs, ‘The Nite Show’, an award-winning radio broadcaster, and all around nice guy, Dan Cashman, joined us on the Fill The Steins Podcast to talk about his life behind the microphone.

We found out the real reason as to why Cashman started his television career in 1997 and the reason is anything but expected. Dan talked about how he worked as an intern on the ‘Imus in the Morning’ radio program and how a slip-up earned him an unflattering nickname. Not limited to just television, Cashman discussed his work in radio and how he found success in both forms of media. And of course we had to ask him about his time attending the University of Maine and his favorite memories from the Orono campus.

All that plus we discussed the Black Bear Football team’s loss on the road at Bryant this weekend and a preview our our big #RiseAndStein tailgate as part of Homecoming Weekend 2014.

Click to Listen: Fill The Steins Podcast – Season 2, Episode 3 (Dan Cashman)

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