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FTS Preview: 2014-15 Collins Center for the Arts

Fill The Steins explores the highlights of the 2014-15 calendar at the Collins Center for the Arts, from A to Boz.

Fall 2014 at the UMaine School of Performing Arts

Fill The Steins takes a look at some of the coming highlights of the University of Maine’s School of Performing Arts’ Fall 2014 schedule.

Summer Session: Dr. Sandra Hardy

On August 9, the University of Maine School of Performing Arts remembered Dr. Sandra Hardy, who retired in May and unexpectedly passed away in June. As part of its Summer Session series, Fill The Steins remembers Sandra.

Summer Session with George Kinghorn

Fill The Steins’ “Summer Session” keeps on keepin’ on through the dog days of summer – here, we sit down with George Kinghorn, Director and Curator of the UMaine Museum of Art.

We Remember UMaine’s Theater Director Dr. Sandra Hardy

Dr. Sandra Hardy, beloved director of the UMaine Theater Department, passed away on Thursday. We look back at her legacy and talk about the new scholarship established in her honor.

Summer Session with VEEP’s Timothy Simons

Last fall we had a chance to catch up with our close personal friend and perhaps the greatest recent acting byproduct of the University of Maine; of course we are talking about none-other-than the dashing Mr. Timothy Simons.

Enroll for Summer Session Now!

Yesterday we were excited to announce our brand new distribution agreement with the Bangor Daily News, helping us expand Fill The Steins to an even bigger audience. Today we follow that up with another big announcement that both long time followers and those new to Fill The Steins will enjoy. Every Wednesday during the summer we […]

Fill The Steins joins the BDN

For the last ten months, Fill The Steins has been “celebrating the college of our hearts always”. Through our unique and creative blend of content spanning sports, arts, politics, pop culture, and, yes, stein-filling, Fill The Steins has become a leading voice in the University of Maine community. Now, we embark on a journey to further strengthen that voice and exponentially grow Fill The Steins Nation. Beginning today, we are proud to be a featured blog and hosted by the Bangor Daily News.

A Tribute to Dr. Sandra Hardy

If you pay attention around these parts, you know that I’m in charge of the Arts & Culture beat for Fill The Steins.  I mean… Mostly.  There was that time I wrote up an April Fool’s prank that was sports-themed, right?  And some Football Playoff stuff.  But interviews and especially the arts world have been […]

College: A Musical Digest

College is different things to different people.  For lots of us, college is about discovering new music.  I worked in the music department of a now-defunct books-music-and-café chain while in college (hint: it rhymes with Borders), and music became such an integral part of my college experience that it’s hard to separate some songs from […]

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