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Fill The Steins joins the BDN

For the last ten months, Fill The Steins has been “celebrating the college of our hearts always”. Through our unique and creative blend of content spanning sports, arts, politics, pop culture, and, yes, stein-filling, Fill The Steins has become a leading voice in the University of Maine community. Now, we embark on a journey to further strengthen that voice and exponentially grow Fill The Steins Nation. Beginning today, we are proud to be a featured blog and hosted by the Bangor Daily News.

A Tribute to Dr. Sandra Hardy

If you pay attention around these parts, you know that I’m in charge of the Arts & Culture beat for Fill The Steins.  I mean… Mostly.  There was that time I wrote up an April Fool’s prank that was sports-themed, right?  And some Football Playoff stuff.  But interviews and especially the arts world have been […]

College: A Musical Digest

College is different things to different people.  For lots of us, college is about discovering new music.  I worked in the music department of a now-defunct books-music-and-café chain while in college (hint: it rhymes with Borders), and music became such an integral part of my college experience that it’s hard to separate some songs from […]

FTS Q&A: George Kinghorn

George Kinghorn became the Director and Curator of the University of Maine Museum of Art in 2008.  Since arriving, George has increased traffic to the Museum by more than 250% and expanded the Museum’s educational programming.  (I’m no museum expert, but plus-250% is a lot in my world…) Artists from the world-renowned to young, local […]

FTS Review: Grease

Let me start by saying the following: there are a handful of musicals that I really do like.  The rest don’t interest me all that much.  ‘Grease’ generally falls into that latter category – I’ve never seen the John Travolta-Olivia Newton-John flick…never seen it done on stage.  Shameful for a former student of stagecraft? Probably. […]

School of Performing Arts: Spring Semester Preview

Grab your seaweed wraps and hot stones!  We’re heading to the SPA!  What’s that, you say?  Not the spa?  Oh…  The School of Performing Arts!  Well, as much as I had my heart set on some shiatsu and a mud mask, I should’ve guessed that the FTS bosses wouldn’t let me expense something like that. […]

A Very Black Bear New Year

2013 has been quite the year for us here at Fill The Steins.  Our big (re) launch was back in August, and each week, it’s been a treat giving out our take – to whoever will listen – on all things UMaine.  And, obviously, it’s been a fun year to have done this, as well, […]

FTS Q&A: Merritt David Janes

You know him as Merritt David Janes – star of American stage musicals like The Wedding Singer, Sweeney Todd, and Shrek, The Musical.  You know him from his turns as Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast, and Carl Hanratty in the national tour of Catch Me if You Can.  And currently, you can see him […]

FTS Reviews: Metamorphoses, Hauck Auditorium

I told you it was coming.  Back in Fill the Steins’ preview of the School of Performing Arts’ Fall Season, I said there’d be a piece in this space on ‘Metamorphoses,’ which is now playing in Hauck Auditorium (it’s attached to the Student Union, in case you’ve never been…which you should) through next weekend.  As […]

FTS Q&A: Matthew Gagnon (Part 2)

Here we go – our bookend to the week.  Part of a balanced Friday = Part 2 of our FTS Q&A; with Matthew Gagnon, Director of Digital Strategy for the Republican Governors Association and brother to yours truly in musical taste – and interior design of student union bars, for that matter (more on those […]

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