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Frozen Fenway Hangover: Brian MacLeod

For the second big Fill The Steins event in a row (2013 Homecoming being the first), my recouperation from bilateral hip replacement forced me to miss out on Frozen Fenway 2014 in Boston.  While a cardboard cutout in my likeness served as a stand-in (get it?  STAND-IN?!?!  Whatever…) at Homecoming, the partiers who joined Fill […]

Frozen Fenway Hangover : Keith Luhmann

So as everyone probably has either heard or witnessed firsthand, last weekend’s light rain and tepid weather did not exactly support the Frozen Fenway moniker. There was however hockey in the air and a fantastic showing of UMaine alumni in the vicinity of everyone’s favorite ball park. The Black Bears put up seven points and […]

Frozen Fenway Hangover: Adam Henckler

I have been very lucky to be involved in two successful websites over the last few years, the most recent of course being “Fill the Steins”. It has always amazed me that people, besides family members and prisoners, would actually want to read any of my articles on a regular basis. I get to open […]

Frozen Fenway Hangover: Jon Jenkins

Well, at least this time I was actually present at the Fill The Steins event for which I have to write about (See my One Shining Moment from Homecoming).  Beyond that, it was the first official Fill The Steins event outside of said Homecoming (Yeah FTS!)  So what were my favorite recollections from Frozen Fenway […]

Frozen Fenway Hangover : Matt Grondin

24 hours, back in my adopted home city.  Hmmm.  What to do?  Museum of Fine Arts?  Been there.  Handmade pasta in the North End? Tempting, but no…  2014 U.S. Figure Skating Championships?  Pass.  Black Bear Nation party in the rain?  Yes, please! As I type this on the train ride northward, it’s entirely evident how […]

LIVE FEED: Frozen Fenway 2014

The 2014 edition of Frozen Fenway has finally arrived where we will rise up as Black Bear Nation and cheer our hockey team to victory against Boston University. With the weather playing a big factor in the game and schedules constantly changing, what better place to look for the latest information than the Fill the Steins […]

UPDATE: Frozen Fenway Pre-Pre-Game

While you can thank us for having Maine’s Frozen Fenway game moved up so as not to interfere with the Patriots playoff game, today’s move is strictly Mother Nature’s doing. While many are scrambling to adjust plans, at Fill the Steins we are embracing the weather and saying when it rains, WE POUR! If you […]

Our Legal Counsel’s “One Steining Moment” : Frozen Fenway, 2012

As we inch ever closer to Frozen Fenway this Saturday in Boston, we know everyone in Fill The Steins Nation is finalizing their travel, pre-game, and game-time plans.  While we expect our Unofficial Pre-Pre-Game Party at 1:30 Saturday afternoon to be part of those plans, we know there are also many other factors to consider throughout the […]

Alex Claverie’s ‘One Steining Moment’ : Frozen Fenway, 2012

Leading up to Frozen Fenway 2014, we here at Fill The Steins are pleased to bring you a few posts in our ‘One Steining Moment’ series, recalling previous visits to Frozen Fenway.  We hope these looks at the past will build excitement for this year’s match-up, and get you in the mood to Fill The […]

Top 10 Reasons to be Excited For Frozen Fenway

The wintery pageantry…  The unmistakeable history of Fenway (and Boston, for that matter)…  The sound of sticks on the ice echoing off the Green Monstah…  It’s not like any of us NEED any more excuse to get pumped up for UMaine Hockey’s trip down to Beantown.  But here at Fill The Steins, we’re always game […]

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