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A World Without: Harold H. Beverage

Ever spend a term abroad in Europe?  Did you end up calling your parents to wire you some extra cash for “sightseeing” (pub crawling)?  Well, you owe a debt of gratitude to the University of Maine’s very own Harold H. Beverage.  How’s that?  Lets find out. Harold Beverage (pictured) was born October 14, 1893 in […]

Throwback Thursday

On Saturday the Black Bears football team wrapped up their first outright conference championship in almost 50 years with a 41-0 pounding over Rhode Island. With the victory the team secured the Colonial Athletic Conference title along with an automatic birth in the FCS playoffs; a success our own Brian MacLeod predicted back at the beginning […]

Throwback Thursday

There was a time when you could see a B-List hip-hop artist, barely clothed football players, and parking lot stabbings all within a five minute walk of the UMaine campus. For this Throwback Thursday we look at an establishment that has gone by such names as Geddy’s, The 103, and the Ultra Lounge. However, for […]

A Hall & A Man: Abner Coburn (Part III) – Beneficiary of Higher Education

So now we have seen just how successful a businessman Abner Coburn was, but how was he important to the University of Maine you ask?  Oh, you didn’t ask.  Well, I’m going to tell you anyway. In addition to being an established businessman, Abner Coburn was also heavily involved in politics.  He was first elected […]

A Hall & A Man: Abner Coburn (Part II) – The Shrewd Businessman

When we left off Abner Coburn was just starting to come in to his own.  Let’s see how far he got. From 1830 to 1845 Abner and Philander Coburn worked alongside their father, and when their father died in 1845, the two brothers carried on the business.  In addition to being one of the most […]

A Hall & A Man: Abner Coburn (Part I) – His Early Life

It was only by chance that I chose to feature Coburn Hall in this post, although I am sure I would have got to it eventually anyway.  When I started doing my research I came to realize that there are numerous halls that share the name Coburn.  Much to my surprise many of these halls […]

Throwback Thursday

For many alumni and current students, the simple mention of the Black Bears or Orono brings up the same mental image time and time again, Alfond Arena. From the student section precariously hanging over the end lines to the exposed wooden beams that seem more like a cabin than a sports venue, Alfond will be […]

Throwback Thursday

Last year we weren’t sure if we should be building a boat and lining up pairs of animals to board or just get tipsy early and ignore the rain. This week’s “Throwback Thursday” goes back one year to what may have been the worst weather ever experienced at a Homecoming tailgate. We’ve had rain, snow, and wind before, […]

The World Without…: Francis Trenholm Crowe

In this series I will highlight some of the University of Maine’s more influential and well known alumni by pondering a world without their existence. The facts discussed will be the truth (hopefully), but the altered reality will be pure speculation.  Enjoy! Recognizing the danger with the use of pencils in space (picture thin, flammable […]

Throwback Thursday

The Black Bear Men’s Ice Hockey team begins their 2013-14 season this coming Sunday with a warm-up game against Dalhousie. As we highlighted in our season preview last week the hockey program is at a turning point with a new coach and a reborn enthusiasm for what it means to play for Maine. However, if […]

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