FTS Nation Fights Back

Last week in the Bangor Daily News, a gentleman by the name of Tom Myers of Orono, submitted a letter to the editor suggesting that the Maine Stein Song was a “lame tune” and needed to be replaced. Needless to say, we at “Fill the Steins” could not go quietly into the night knowing that our beloved anthem was being tarnished by false accusations and a general lack of education by the author.
I was pleased to be handed the torch by my editor-in-chief to craft a proper response to Mr. Myers, one that was published on our site last week and which you can read here. The good followers of our great site took to social media and message boards to confirm our take, that the Stein Song is a grand old tune and one that is here to stay.
And today, the good people at the Bangor Daily News published our response letter (“Out of Tune”, 4th from top) to Mr. Myers explaining how the Stein Song is more than just a chant raining down from the rafters of Alfond. From the battle fields of Europe to the athletic fields of Orono, the Stein Song has been sung by men and women, fans and alumni, for generation after generation.
Rest assured Fill the Steins Nation, your anthem is under the careful watch and stewardship of our organization and as you can see this is not a subject we take lightly. So continue to “shout till the rafters ring,” this battle has been won but we will take up arms if called upon again.

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