Ode to a Cancelled Craft Fair

As you may have heard, the 2013 University of Maine Homecoming Craft Fair has been cancelled, due to ongoing construction in the Field House.  Though I’ve not technically been to the Craft Fair in…decades (?), I did pay admission one year, so as to not use an especially egregious tailgate lot porta-potty.  We at Fill The Steins are committed to all parts of the Homecoming and Alumni experience, including the Craft Fair.  As such, I humbly submit the first poem I’ve written since junior year of high school.  Sorry in advance.

October’s the time to think about wreaths;
Or a framed painting of gold and red leaves.

And maybe some food – like cookies or fudge;
Booth after booth, ‘round and ’round we all trudge.

In search of our kitsch, dark blue, white, and black;
Much to be found on that big indoor track.

Into the Field House behind the Black Bear;
The ‘M’ is as blue as the old ladies’ hair.

A chance to go shop, and maybe unwind;
(For those who wish to leave football behind.)

Handmade bracelets or some mittens to ski;
Or a weird Santa to put on the tree.

Some like those dolls with the gross little heads;
But they make scream and run off with dread.

Then there are candles that don’t smell too bad.
New England clichés – like flannel and plaid.

But not in ’13 – no crafts to be found;
Construction and hardhats are all that’s around.

So maybe next year, you’ll get your fix;
Of odd-looking stuff made out of sticks.

(Your move, Nobel Prize for Literature Committee.)
Photo courtesy of dollkind.com.

2 Responses to “ Ode to a Cancelled Craft Fair ”

  1. Without a doubt, the greatest contribution to "Fill the Steins" since its founding…

  2. And as for me, I chose the track less traveled, and that has made all the difference…..

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