Missed Connections

It’s that time again, when we try to bridge the hurdles of love through the use of social media. Of course we are talking about Fill the Steins very own “Missed Connections” where our loyal followers submit their chance encounters around Orono in hopes of finding true love.

Pretty Lights Looker – W4M, 19 Years Old
I saw you at the Pretty Lights show at Alfond last month wearing a yellow t-shirt with writing on the back and a pair of tight-fitting black jeans as you stood right at the front of the crowd. You were totally different than everyone else at the show; instead of looking at the stage and lights you just stared out over the crowd. My eyes locked briefly with yours so I decided to move up to the front to try to get your attention. You must have been VIP or something because you were on the other side of the barricade. I climbed over to introduce myself and you approached and then wrapped your massive arms around me, I knew it was meant to be. As we continued our embrace you walked me backstage; I figured we were going to a special VIP party. Next thing I knew we became seperated and some other guy pushed me out the backdoor of Alfond into the parking lot. The chemistry I felt during our brief encounter was undeniable and I hope you read this and so you can wrap your arms around me again. Please reply with the phrase on my torn neon orange tank top I was wearing when we met at the show.

OHOP Hotness – M4W, 18 Years Old
The only thing hotter at OHOP last Thursday Night was the pizza oven. You walked in around 7pm to pick up your order dressed in a blue Gap hoodie, black yoga pants, and a pair of brown knee-high Uggs. I was on the phone with my roommate at the time and failed to hear your name when you asked about your order at the counter. You stepped outside for a minute and I hurried to fix my appearance for a second chance to introduce myself. Meanwhile, the guy at the counter yelled out an order which I assumed was yours, but of course you were still outside. A few minutes later you walked back in the door and took a seat on the bench next to me. I took a few deep breaths, leaned over and whispered in your ear, “did you order extra meat?” A blank look came over your eyes and then suddenly it clicked, “my pizza, yes”. You quickly moved to the counter and picked up your large pie with double pepperoni before heading out the door without a parting glance. I know we already share a similar taste in foods, why not give love a try by replying with the NASCAR driver I had on my tee shirt at the time.

God’s Gift to Girls – W4W, 20 Years Old
It was a chance encounter as my class in Boardman was cancelled so I decided to head to the Union to hang out for a bit. As I walked down the mall I could make out your soft silhouette in the distance, your voice singing the sweet Lord’s word like an angel. You were preaching to people about how they shouldn’t have sex before marriage and how only a man should marry a woman, but I just couldn’t help but think you needed a soft feminine hand in your life. I paused brielfy when I reached your position in front of the library and listened as you unleashed your frustrations on the passersby and I couldn’t help but be turned on by it all. I gave you a really big smile and started to laugh a little, I was so nervous, and you stopped for a moment and just stared at me. I couldn’t find the words to speak before you chimed out, “go to hell!” Maybe it wasn’t the best way to kick off a potential relationship so I simply smiled and continued on my way. I’m not sure you even use the internet based on some of the stuff you were saying, but if you read this please reply with what color scarf I was wearing.  

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