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We are just a few short hours away from lining up on College Avenue and moving into position in Lot C in front of the Field House to begin the official “Fill The Steins” Tailgate as part of Homecoming Weekend. For many of you, tailgating is a way of life, you typically order meals at fancy restaurants simply to take them outside and consume while sitting in the open hatchback. For others, you may not be familiar with the “rules of the lot” so to speak. Regardless of experience, let us recap the tailgating plan and how to make the most of the event.
8:00am – Queue Up on College Avenue
It is hard to judge when the first car full of rowdy tailgaters will park in the lead position on the shoulder of College Avenue at the base of the hill leading up to the stadium. Legend has it that the true diehards finish up with last call at the bars and then head over in the wee hours of Saturday Morning. Generally speaking, our convoy of vehicles arrives between 8:00am and 8:30am.
9:30am – Tailgating Lots Open
You have two options for tailgating areas, Lot A behind the stadium or Lot C in front of the Field House; the later has been our location of choice since graduation and that’s where we plan to be this year. Stay tuned to our Twitter feed for any unforeseen changes in location. If you are tailgating on your own it is $20 per vehicle to enter the lots unless you have a season tailgating pass. Once parked we will be assembling our temporary home, the grills will be fired up, our #BlurredSteins signage will be hung, and the Allen’s Coffee Brandy will start flowing.
10:00am – Fill The Steins Tailgate
We encourage you to stop by our tailgate between 10:00am and 12:30pm for some food, beverages, and free giveaways! Anyone who comes by and sings the entire Maine Stein Song on their own will receive an official FTS Beer Koozie; don’t worry you will probably get us to join in the singing as well. Everyone who attends can pick-up a free official #BlurredSteins Homecoming 2013 fridge magnet. We will have games for the kids and we expect some special appearances by some famous UMaine alumni and athletes. 
12:30pm – Football Kick-Off
We understand that some of you may want to attend the football game; it should be a good one as 5-1 Maine plays host to William & Mary. However, if you like watching your football from the parking lot we will be continuing our “alcohol-free” version of the tailgate throughout the first half.
2:00pm – Football Halftime (Approx.)
When the whistle blows the beer flows as it will be the final 20 minutes of our tailgate during halftime of the football game. That’s a great time to stop by for some pictures with our banner, loyal followers, or just to “lube-up” before the second half of the game.
2:30pm – Depart for Pat’s Pizza
With the football game well in hand in all likelihood, we pack up our tailgating gear and head off to the taproom in the basement of Pat’s Pizza in Orono to continue the libations and throw down some Zingers. 
Photo Credit: Courtesy of New England Magazine

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