WWJD: Where Will Jimmy Drink

This weekend is going to be historic on the Orono campus and we’re not even talking about the football game. While it may be a big weekend for UMaine sports it will likely be an even bigger weekend for consuming “the finer things” as fans tailgate and celebrate across the area. With a full docket of events we check in with our man about town, Jimmy, for his recommendations on where to fill the steins for this all important weekend.

The Silver Stein (Paddy Murphy’s, Downtown Bangor):  Jimmy will start his Friday night, like he has most nights recently, at the area’s best Irish pub, Paddy Murphy’s right off Pickering Square in downtown Bangor. While they are known for trivia on Wednesday nights and great live music all weekend long, Jimmy’s interest is something a little closer to our hearts. You see, the good people of Paddy Murphy’s hand out the most honorable of awards to their patron of the week… a Silver Stein! Head over to their Facebook page to see the most recent winners and perhaps one day Jimmy will join the ranks. While hipsters will go for the Guinness on tap, Jimmy likes to keep the ladies guessing by having a can of Boddington’s to kick-off happy hour.

Tomorrow Morning (Hollywood Casino, Downtown Bangor): After Jimmy finishes up a few pints at Paddy Murphy’s he will make the trek up Main Street towards the bright lights and ringing bells of the Hollywood Casino. Since the drinks aren’t free at the tables, Jimmy won’t be a gambling man Friday night. Instead he will be making his way over to the Sound Stage Lounge to check out one of Maine’s best up-and-coming acts, Tomorrow Morning. A mix of pop and rock, these guys cover lots of the current hits and add in some of their original songs as well. You’re best bet? Jimmy says to double down on sixteen, meaning double down on sixteen ounce beers and enjoy the tunes while you’re at it.

UMaine vs UNH (Alfond Sports Stadium, Orono): There are two approaches to handling the first ever home playoff game in UMaine football history; drink in moderation to remember the moment or drink like a boss because you’re part of living history. For Jimmy the only possible answer is the later so expect to find him in the Thriftway parking lot at 7am when they open to pick-up tailgating essentials. He will then make the long slow walk across the north part of campus and over to Lot C in front of the field house for tailgating. If your version of tailgating involves paying a $20 cover charge and sitting inside, the UMaine Alumni Association is hosting an event in the Alfond Family Lounge just for you. 

Post-Game Tap Room (Pat’s Pizza, Orono):  While we fully expect the Black Bears to take the Wildcats downtown to pound town, the plan for the post-game meet up is the same win or lose. Of course that means Jimmy will be meeting up with the rest of Fill the Steins Nation in the basement of Pat’s Pizza in Orono to throw down some cheap Miller Lite pitchers along with an order of zingers and a pepperoni pizza. There’s just something about the asbestos ceiling tiles and dim lighting that makes the basement that much more special to round out a cold Saturday afternoon in Orono.

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