Maine’s Newest Brewery: SoMe Brewing Company

Tucked away in the back of a nondescript commercial building on Route One in York lies the latest microbrewery to enter the Maine beer scene, SoMe Brewing Company. A life long dream of a son and father, this brewery isn’t backed by big investors or a fancy marketing agency, instead it is simply about making well crafted and tastefully developed beers. I had the chance to meet with Dave and David Rowland as part of their grand opening festivities to talk about the founding of their brewery, sample some beers, and to talk about the future.

The name of the brewery is a bit tongue-in-cheek in a way, SoMe actually is short for Southern Maine Brewing Company, but whether you call it “so-me” or “some” you will be welcomed to the quaint tasting room with seating for about 30 people and a small bar. The logo is a combination of all things Maine, pine trees at the top and a ship’s wheel at the bottom, nothing fancy just simple branding that looks at home on any bottle. 

When talking to the Rowlands I could clearly tell the excitement in their eyes of launching their own brewery after decades of developing a list of 30-40 distinct recipes for use with their home-brewing operations. After relocation from Pennsylvania to Maine last summer, Dave with the backing of just his family and friends, was able to secure start-up funding for the brewery. While many breweries have bartenders and waitstaff to serve up pints without personality, SoMe instead offers a glimpse behind the curtain of the brewing process. You can expect to find Dave or another family member working the taps and likewise could tell you the story behind every beer from the ingredients to choosing the name.

I asked the Rowland’s what their goals were for the next year and how they planned to compete in the fairly saturated microbrewery market in Maine. Dave was quick to point out that competition was healthy and that ultimately having well crafted beers would help them to establish their own portion of the market. Speaking of beers, I bellied up to the bar and sampled their launch beers, virtually all of them really surprised me.

In my opinion, the “Whoopie Pie Stout” is the signature beer for this brewery and will likely be the recipe that puts this business on the map. I asked Dave where the idea came from and he said his wife, Jen, suggested the idea as the Whoopie Pie is uniquely Maine. At 6% alcohol content you would expect a thicker beer, but this stout was very smooth as you could really taste the hints of cocoa and vanilla. Because it isn’t overly thick its appeal to the fringe beer drinkers and thousands of tourist who visit York every summer will make this brew a big hit.

Sweet Solstice” is a spice-filled blonde ale that found its roots as a holiday party favorite for Dave over the last several years. While he had brewed a more traditional Stout for friends and family to enjoy during the holidays there was a suggestion of making something lighter that appealed to more people. This isn’t your standard winter lager though, I could easily pick out the tastes of nutmeg and cinnamon and could find myself drinking plenty of this beer without being full.

The work horse of the SoMe launch line-up has to be “Box the Compass” which is a double IPA that was pushing almost 10% alcohol content when I sampled it. Normally when you get into the high hops and malt beers you have a rich flavor sacrificed for bitterness or after taste, not the case with “Box the Compass”. I honestly couldn’t believe I was drinking something that was that strong because it tasted amazingly smooth. 

With several more recipes cooking in the back, Dave promises a rotating selection of four to six beers on tap and will be open year round with additional hours as their beer supply grows. The brewery offers tasting flights, growlers, and will be offering pints in the next week or so. The prices are very reasonable and with its location just off the York highway exit and easily accessible, it is worth the drive to check out SoMe Brewing Company. We “Fill the Steins” to the Rowlands and wish them success for many years to come.

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