Our Legal Counsel’s “One Steining Moment” : Frozen Fenway, 2012

As we inch ever closer to Frozen Fenway this Saturday in Boston, we know everyone in Fill The Steins Nation is finalizing their travel, pre-game, and game-time plans.  While we expect our Unofficial Pre-Pre-Game Party at 1:30 Saturday afternoon to be part of those plans, we know there are also many other factors to consider throughout the day.  In order to ensure all of us have properly thought out our game plan for Saturday, we reached out to the wisest man we know…our official legal counsel.  Who is this man, you ask?  Well, he chooses to remain anonymous, which proves his wisdom, because you wouldn’t want to be associated with our shenanigans if you were an attorney, either.  Nevertheless, we respect this man, we respect his opinion, and we respect his experience at Frozen Fenway 2012.  He learned from the mistakes he made two years ago and now he is here to share his wisdom with you.  So get those legal pads out, take copious notes, and enjoy his advice on how to maximize your enjoyment at Frozen Fenway 2014!

In January 2012 I was a lost soul.  I attended the first UMaine Frozen Fenway event without any idea about how to make my trip successful.  I made a poor decision regarding transportation, I chose my seats poorly and I frankly left a lot of good opportunities on the table.  Luckily for me, I am getting a second bite at the apple this January 11th, and the good folks here at Fill the Steins asked me to describe my plans for a better experience this time around.  So here, fellow Black Bear, is the advice I wish I had two years ago.

BE SMART ABOUT GETTING TO THE GAME.  This seems like the most basic point to make, and I assume most readers have already scoffed and said “well, obviously!” but trust me, it’s too easy to convince yourself that driving is convenient.  Last time around, a member of our group had some very specific time constraints (never have children).  Instead of making a rational decision like “let’s leave this jerk home to enjoy an eight year old’s birthday party on his own,” we attempted to be accommodating.  So I drove from southern Maine to Boston and back on the day of the event.  We paid an ungodly amount of money to park in a garage near the field.  And I had to stay sober for the entire event.  And then got a speeding ticket going through Wells at midnight.  So, take public transportation and plan on staying in Boston afterwards (or take advantage of a fan bus).  I plan on staying in Boston after the game, but your best bet for getting home from late night Fenway events may be on the Downeaster train.  Check the schedule.

PICK THE FAN EXPERIENCE YOU WANT.  This event lets you decide what kind of fan you want to be.  There are basically two parallel crowd experiences at the game.  Thanks to some solid connections, our tickets in 2012 were in the club level above third base.  This gave a great elevated view of the ice and was key to being able to closely follow the action on the ice.  Additionally, we also had access to the Pavilion Club which would have been nice to use to warm up during intermissions had the weather been cold.  However, these seats were seriously lacking in the “party” atmosphere of the designated UMaine section in the lower seats.  We took the opportunity to visit with people sitting below us and it was like attending a completely different event.  No, the view of the game was not nearly as good.  But, it was basically an open air reunion.  People were milling around, visiting with old friends and enjoying copious amounts of $8 beers.  So, decide before you go, are you there to take in a hockey game, or are you there for the social aspect?  Personally, I will be in the lower level seeing fellow alums I haven’t seen in years, but if you are seriously concerned about where Maine will fall in the standings after the game, you may want to beg, borrow and steal your way to some Pavilion seats.

HAVE A SCHEDULING GAME PLAN.  We’ve all been to events at Fenway, be it a Red Sox game, a concert, a Frozen Fenway event, so we know what we are getting.  Beers are going to cost at least $7.  Hot dogs will be twice as expensive as a good lobster roll on the coast of Maine.  There will be long lines and waits for tables and drinks at pre- and post-game bars and restaurants.  Just roll with it.  If you want to meet friends and fellow fans for drinks around the park before the game, get there early.  If you want to make a night of it at the bars post game, don’t need to rush to catch a bus or a train.  I know these are all common sense suggestions, but if you are like me common sense can fly out the window when there is a lot going on.  To quote Marge Simpson, recognize when it is time to say “you’re overstimulated.  Let’s get some beer in you, and then it’s right to bed!”

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