Frozen Fenway Hangover : Matt Grondin

24 hours, back in my adopted home city.  Hmmm.  What to do?  Museum of Fine Arts?  Been there.  Handmade pasta in the North End? Tempting, but no…  2014 U.S. Figure Skating Championships?  Pass.  Black Bear Nation party in the rain?  Yes, please!

As I type this on the train ride northward, it’s entirely evident how things in my own life have changed since, say 2004 (ten years?!? Really?!?), when I saw UMaine’s tragic defeat at the hands of Denver while living in Boston.  

Married?  Yep.  Kid?  Uh huh.  Finished grad school, got a job, then another one, moved to Maine… And those are just the bigger highlights.  

In 2004, I was mid-20s, still new to Boston, and not too shy about visiting hangover-ville, if it meant having a good time.  Heard that saying, “liquor before beer, you’re in the clear?”  I must’ve missed the boat on that one ’til at least 2007 or ’08…

And now, a decade later? I still cut loose from time to time.  Just get in your time machine and ask January 1, 2014 me.  And we had a GREAT time this weekend, hanging at Boston Beer Works for the (Pre?) Pre-Game Party, meeting a ton of great folks – some from as far away as Holland – and taking in another dismantling of a Terriers team that the Black Bears now seem to own, at least a little bit.  It was a really fun thing, meeting people who are actually reading our humble posts, who kind of enjoy what we’re doing – so: thank you, if you came by with a ‘hi,’ a ‘nice job,’ or even giant Black Bear hugs…

I mean, clearly, lives change, and we grow up – maybe we aren’t always as gung-ho about hitting the hottest spots any more; maybe the beer is much less Miller Lite and more crafty (for some of us, anyway…)  Sometimes a good time is seeing college friends who are now thankfully lifelong pals, meeting new people, seeing some you haven’t seen in…12+ years, knocking back a few steins before dodging raindrops, getting a sensible dinner, and catching the Pats game – even if it means bailing on Whiskey’s or The Pour House for the comfort of a hotel room much earlier in the evening than 2004 you would’ve.  

Sometimes, it’s about quality as much or more than it is about quantity.  My friends from this weekend, old and new, have both in spades. Thanks for Filling the Steins, and thanks for a good time!  As for you, Boston… I’ll be seeing you again very soon.


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  1. Great Website! A good friend put a link to your page on Facebook and I am so glad I clicked… I am looking forward to staying abreast of UMaine News right here.

  2. Thanks! Glad you found us. Fill the steins for dear ol' Maine!!!

  3. Thanks for reading and staying in touch, Eric! Glad you enjoy the site.

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